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released March 4, 2016

Written and performed by Yianni Kordos, Niko Kordos, George Kordos, Pascal D'Bras.
Engineered and mixed by Jason Fuller at Goatsound, Melbourne.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New York.
Artwork by Pascal D'Bras.

Beyond Contempt 2016



all rights reserved


Beyond Contempt Melbourne, Australia

"Well, I think it's lovely that you boys are playing together" - Mum

"Post-Marxist pagan grey grindcore meets southern peruvian cocaine" - Pitchfork

"I just like that their songs don't go for more than a couple of minutes" - Bored guy
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Track Name: Glamour
Come with a benefit, I caught the scent of it
assimilation for a sense of stardom
subtle hypochondriac, another heart attack
I like your body but i hate your drama

Blow, what’s left of your conscience has flown - it’s gone
you see, nothing is something for free
Fucking vanity

Get it, gotta get - another sense of it
a full circle underneath your slander
fold when you gotta bend, another shitty friend
or just another fucking black eyed glamour

Waste of energy

A cold defense? uncommon sense? incontinence?
That’s the way baby!

Fucking tragedy
Track Name: They Came for Me
Another tragedy - but that shit’s not affecting me
cos I’m here and safe and that is on tv
complacency - is really just an opportunity
a blind sighted blow is all you’re bound to see

The message has failed
their piss in your cup

Well look where we’re at - someone better get us all on track
the smokes from your dash and that shirt off your back
but the irony - is what you silly fuckers fail to see
that they’ll come for you after they come for me

whats the fucking point?
steal - steal - sell

Pass it off - as another nothing
on this bleak and this pitiful
laugh it up - cos you can’t see it coming
and I’m still fucking cynical

They’ll - sleep - well
whats the fucking point?
steal - steal - sell

The message has failed - their piss in your cup
too little too late - you better swallow, drink up
Track Name: Victims
Tears like time bombs
sipping on your bedpan champagne
but now your piss has put me to shame - again
no consequences when you only live amongst the lame
and no one questions someone in pain - no

And theres one more bullet to play
take - PUSH - take
theres one more bullet to play
take - PUSH - take

Define a victim on the pretence of what they say
but all you need is somebody to blame

Aim for the balls and swung with a chain
Then sit and wait - JUST SIT AND WAIT

This - colour sets
don’t stop wanting to play
Just another scapegoat is all that you need
A nasty fiction
sprouting from the seeds of what you’ve laid
And now you can’t just wash it away

And there’s one more person to blame
Take - PUSH - take

And now there’s no one to blame
Take - PUSH - take
Track Name: Generation Wuss
Shut your mouth for a little bit - I don’t care what you’re owed
I see you standing on your soapbox and it’s - and it’s a getting old
A glowing screen is convincing me - I’d love to walk in your shoes
It ain’t nothing but the same old nothing - eat, breed, shit and accuse

This gratification’s empty anyway - A click defines us
Shit, I can’t complain!
not at all - not at all
no, not at all!

I got bound to this apathy - I don’t care and it shows
My delusions are as wild and lucid as the next sucker down the road
This ambition could be seminal - But I’m betting to lose
Set to fall like a cannonball, baby - while this shit talking venom is news

Fluorescent lights - I still ain’t got away
prepubescent style blackout fucking rage!
Fuck it all - Fuck it all - Fuck it all
Track Name: Sick
You got your prayers but your eyes are closing right up
why change it?
got your book and your wallet is full
Your collar sits with divine light on your side
that’s all we need - well fuck off!

I wanna swing the chain
I got something to prove
I wanna feel that you feel sick - feel sick
I F-F-Feel sick too

You got your mind but you won’t be opening it up
You won’t be changing it
Whats the fucking point?
You’re gonna fight them all

I got something to prove
I wanna feel that you feel sick - feel sick
I F-F-Feel sick too

I wanna swing the chain
I got something to prove
I wanna feel that you feel sick - feel sick
I F-F-Feel sick too
Track Name: Boxcutter
my sweat - is all I've got to
to pave my way, shit straight, motherfucker
I can use it - a point of focus
but oh my god, lets sort this shit NOW!
I sense overtones you won't settle or compromise
actions - cause reactions
and you should know you’ve really fucking got me wrong!

stand a bit closer to me!
stand a bit closer to me!
stand a bit closer to me!
I'll show you what you lack!!!!

Cool, man - just hold your horses
this day by day shit's gratin, motherfucker
like a loose thread - I got your number
so get in my way, I'll burn your shit DOWN!
you don't seem to know I won't settle or compromise
actions - chain reactions
yeah you should know you've really fucking got me wrong!

I won’t, here it goes, I won’t settle of compromise
You don’t seem to know that I’m coming for your eyes
Track Name: She's got Thrash
She’s got thrash - oh there’s signs all over her walls
it’s fast and heavy - I guess she’s drunk
and when I whip out the candles - she’s gotta whip up a scandal
what could it be? man, it smells like blood...

Plug in and play - take that jimmy and throw it away!
What can I say? I tell ya man, when she’s got thrash it’s great!

Her gauntlet fits like a glove - she says that burning is love
well it must be when it stings that much
and when I flick on her Randall - that’s when she flies off the handle
and when I pee, well I think of her...

Venom Kreator, she’s Toxik
until I Slay’er - found her way into my heart.